This revolutionary animated film tells a story that has never been told before about a group of extraordinary people that have never been celebrated in this way. If you are inspired by Drew’s story and want to make Drew’s World a reality, please make a donation.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our vision for this extraordinary feature film that captures a story of understanding, acceptance, inclusion, and love through the eyes of our unexpected heroine, Drew—a third grader living with Down Syndrome. In a world that often values all the wrong things, Drew’s World sheds a bright light on what we can easily miss—the magic that lives within each and every one of us and the beautiful miracles hidden within a noisy, clamoring, and often unkind world. Journey with us to Drew’s World—where our differences aren’t our weaknesses, they’re our superpowers. A world where you can be anything—and where sometimes the person who seems least likely to make a difference is the one who ends up saving the day.

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Drew’s World is a magical tale of an 8 year old girl who discovers that her extra chromosome has gifted her with a secret power. If you have ever been curious as to how an animated film is made, this is the chance to find out.

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Drew’s world

Drew, a lovable eight-year-old girl with Down syndrome, takes you on a trip into her magical world where—with the help of some very special friends—she overcomes an unexpected adversary and discovers strengths within herself she never knew existed, but that were there all along.

Max Howard presents NFT and “Drew’s World” in partnership with The Lumiere Project at Cannes Film Festival

Why we’re Doing this

Six thousand babies in the United States are born with Down Syndrome each year.

In Down Syndrome, a third copy of the chromosome #21 leads to distinct physical features and developmental challenges, which can lead others to underestimate, rather than celebrate these joyful, amazing people who often lead active, productive, and interesting lives.

Drew’s TEAM

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Max Howard


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Non-profit Partners

Our mission is to foster understanding, acceptance, inclusion, and love of people with Down Syndrome.

Drew’s World advocates for the following organizations and companies that champion the needs of the Down Syndrome community.